June 8, 2011 Meeting Recap

Wow, Thanks everyone we had a great turnout in this 95+ degree day in Syracuse.  To begin with we networked around the table.  Many new visitors and some old friends that we haven’t see in years turned out. 

Two of our members were featured speakers.  First Pat Oot showed us how to fill out a simple Blumburg contract of sale.  He went over how to mak an offer and fill out the tried and true contract that he has used for decades.  He’s even used it to buy an 8 million dollar power plant! 

Buzz McKeever of IBN Financial Services taught us about REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts).  He had two privately held companies he told us about.  First is Lightstone  which is an 18 Billion Dollar Reit located in New York City.  Minimum investment of $2000.  For more information, you can call him at 315-652-4426. 

Next month we have another former member who is going to talk to us about an opportunity he has in a local mobil home park. 

Carlotta Brown

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