Files and documents of interest to landlords and investors: a wealth of information is available at the REICNY email group web page when you join the REICNY email group and register (free) for a google account.

PEX instead of copper: Casey McDonald of NY Home Owners for information on how pex is an excellent material to consider for replacing copper in your homes.

1031 exchanges: Attorney, Kelly A Bradley from how 1031′s can lower our capital gain taxes as investors.

Short sale proposals and how to do lease options: REICNY member, Donavan Pieterse, of Easy To Own Homes Inc.

Premier, free business counseling and advice service:  Joe Anderson of SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives – part of Small Business Administration). Interested in talking to someone for free
consultation? Call 315-471-9393 ext 245 Ask for Gina.

City’s perspective in creating the Rental Registry: Jim Blakeman, Dept. Code Enforcement in the City of Syracuse, 315-448-8745 [email protected]

Best choice for flooring, wholesale prices for landlords and contractors: Keith Green from ProSource 315-431-0709